General  Information

 Walks are arranged each week throughout the year. 

 The programme is produced twice a year, in spring and autumn and issued to Members.

 Walk details are also published each month in the Keyworth Diary.

 Keyworth Square is the meeting point for walks but the start point may be elsewhere.

 Times for the meeting vary depending on the distance to the start point which may require a car or bus journey.

 We encourage car sharing, however, when you arrive at the Square, it is your responsibility to arrange a lift

 Bus times may alter, please check bus timetable nearer the date of the walk.

 Wear adequate footwear.  Bring a packed lunch, a drink and waterproofs.

 Sorry no dogs.


Conduct on Walks

 At the beginning of a walk the Leader will brief on distance, terrain and  hazards.

 If you have any doubts about your ability to complete a walk, please discuss these with theWalk Leader.

 Walkers should follow the instructions of the Walk Leader and the Back Marker.

 Walkers should keep behind the Walk Leader and in front of the Back  Marker.

 If you need a rest, or drink, or the pace is too fast tell the Walk Leader.

 If you need a comfort stop inform the Back Marker, or Walk Leader.

 Inform the Walk Leader if you decide to leave the main party.           

 If you lose sight of the Walk Leader or the walkers in front of you and you don’t know which way they have gone,

 stay where you are and the Walk Leader will come and find you – listen for  the whistle.

 Walk in single file over crops.

 Observe the country code.  In particular, close gates if you are the last one through (unless they are clearly propped or fastened open).

 Do not leave litter.



All members are covered by our Civil Liability Insurance.

Our insurance does not cover transport.

Non-members are welcome on the walks but are only covered by insurance for their first three ‘taster’ walks. 

The Walk Leader will be happy to enrol new members and the Treasurer will issue a membership card on payment of subs.

It is a condition of membership that the personal information card as supplied is carried in your rucksack.

Please carry basic first aid equipment for your own personal use.


Don’t Forget!

Bring spare shoes and a carrier bag for the return journey when accepting lifts in another member’s car.


New walk leaders welcome

If you have a favourite walk or would like to lead one in the next programme, please contact Glenis on a walk or via the contact page



Discounts available to Members:

Cotswold – 10% with your K.D.F.A. Membership Card and quoting the Club Discount Code AF-KDFA-2J.



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